Sick, Dumb + Ugly? I admit, in the last month, I’ve wondered about the name more than once. What exactly is the title of this blog referring to!?!? BETTA NOT BE ME. Advertisements

When people find out I say no to certain foods from April 22nd to Mother’s Day, they usually ask why. I tell them my mother passed away on April 22nd, 2005, and every year since, I’ve gone vegan, in addition to eliminating added sugars, caffeine and alcohol, in order to stay connected to her memory. […]

Everything exists for a reason. Inflatable castles and poems are not interchangeable. Children bouncing, free from the ground, maybe for the first time, do not want to hear  poetry. I don’t blame them. Poems, like inflatable castles, are not for every occasion. They are just strong, potent additions when incorporated into the right kind of […]


I still ask myself what I NEED to write a great script. I often don’t have a good answer for myself. Is it an environment? Is it the right book by my side? Or a great movie playing constantly in my head? A pen and a notebook? A laptop and an electrical outlet? There is […]

Some of the negative reactions to “Three Billboards” arises from a discomfort with the redemptive arc of what is undoubtedly the worst character in the film. Instead of arguing about this arc specifically, people point out how this town could never really exist. This isn’t what a real “redneck” town looks like. There are no […]

So much of what we love and value has been destroyed by the capitalist machine. Our religious celebrations, our romantic relationships, and our personal adventures have all been acquired, packaged, priced and resold to us. I’ve learned to live with most of it. Who cares if Hanukkah is sponsored by Disney this year? Or the […]

I have somewhere I want to get to. In order to get there I need to start where I am. It will take me more than one entry. Will you come along? Let’s start at a familiar phrase. LEGIT NEWS!!! I collect most of my information on the world outside my little hovel via online […]

10 years ago, I shot an “experimental” short in the Skylark Bar at Eighth & Cicero. The idea came from a mash-up of sources: a parable in Kahlil Gibran’s The Madman, passages from Kerouac’s On The Road, and a perceived slight. I ran into a couple of cineastes I knew at the time, and when […]