Sick, Dumb + Ugly? I admit, in the last month, I’ve wondered about the name more than once. What exactly is the title of this blog referring to!?!? BETTA NOT BE ME. Well, I am 42, unmarried and childless sooooooo…. No, no. It can't be. I'm healthy, intelligent and attractive enough from most angles. And... Continue Reading →

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One of my oldest friends lives in Los Angeles and we never see each other. Here we are on the same soccer team in elementary school. I'm number 10. He’s just to my left. My friend and I grew up together in Memphis, TN. We played on the same sports teams, went to the same... Continue Reading →

Save, World

I flew non-stop from New York City to Los Angeles a couple of days ago. I had one seat next to me and it was occupied by a 24 year-old from New York, who had been living in California for 10 years. He had an arm sleeve tattoo. He was attractive, dressed in comfortable sweats.... Continue Reading →

I released the first episode of a web series last Wednesday. There. I said it. Web. Series. That's what Howard & Todd is until The CW picks it up. Until then, it's up to me and a few friends to get it in front of people. There's people in the world who do this— get... Continue Reading →

Maybe, better.

I keep a folder on my laptop called #MISC. There are 1,522 items in this folder. Some of them date back to 2013. I’m talking drafts of unsent emails, payment confirmations, pdf manuals, untitled documents containing random thoughts, folders that contain more documents. It’s got everything. Would my life be any worse off, if I... Continue Reading →

"By then, he'd come a long way down the road." That's Wendell Berry, writing about the protagonist of his short story Making It Home. As I told you last week, I've never read any of Wendell Berry's fiction. I plan to change that, at some point. Until then I have Berry reading his own short... Continue Reading →

Driving on an interstate should feel like this. Not like this. Or this. I drive this 196 miles round-trip from Los Angeles to San Diego at least once a month. At 70 mph, it should take less than 3 hours. It always takes 5+. I've made the trip twenty or thirty times now. I love... Continue Reading →

It’s been a long time since I left ya’ll with a #WednesdayswithWendell. After spending 10 days in Ireland, I’m back in Los Angeles. In LA you have to stretch to reach Berry’s vision of an agrarian centered lifestyle, but in Ireland, Wendell’s ideas feel more accessible. Especially, in rural Ireland where I spent most of... Continue Reading →

More than 190 Democrats in Congress joined together to sue President Trump on Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. They say Trump is violating the U.S. Constitution by profiting from business deals involving foreign governments — and doing so without congressional consent. And they want the court to make it... Continue Reading →

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