Late. Late, late, late, late.

I been 10 minutes late to my teaching job TWO DAYS IN A ROW. WTH. I can blame traffic, unexpected delays, bad driving, construction or whatever, but ultimately the real issue is none of the above. I push everything back until I feel super rushed. Then I tell myself there’s no way I can get […]

How much money did Trump inherit? Reasonable estimates places the number somewhere between what Trump says, $1 million, and what his father’s fortune split evenly between his children would be, $40 million.   Money is not all he inherited though. He is also the heir of an American ancestry that goes back hundreds of years. […]

The third, and final, installment of my thoughts on Prisoners. Spoiler Alert!  This is the final shot of the film. Detective Loki just heard a sound. He almost dismissed it as a trick of his mind, but after hearing it again, he looks in the direction of the sound, obviously intending to take it seriously. […]

“The fault, dear reader, lies not simply in our reality TV star turned president, who is as much a symptom as a cause, but in ourselves for allowing our shared values to be overrun by the marketplace. When did business, with its narrow scope of profit and loss, win the battle of ideas in our […]

Today I drove into Los Angeles to meet one uh my oldest Los Angeles friend at the Golden Road brewery. She was celebrating her birthday with friends and family. I hadn’t seen her since her last birthday. We didn’t get much of a chance to catch up in the group setting, but I enjoyed myself. […]

The two year anniversary of moving to The Duarte is almost upon me. Here is a description of The Duarte from the Duarte Chamber of Commerce: The City of Duarte is a small progressive community located at the base of the picturesque San Gabriel Mountains, approximately 21 miles northeast of Los Angeles. At 6.8 square […]