Welcome! If you’re over 21, get a wrist band. You can drink. It’ll make this sick, dumb, ugly show that much better.

No moshing.

The photo above was taken before a Prophets of Rage show outside The Forum in Inglewood, Ca.

“Prophets of Rage” is a super-group. Members of “Rage Against The Machine”, “Public Enemy” and “Cypress Hill” who hate Donald Trump the most got together and performed classics that encourage violence like–

How I Could Just Kill a Man, Miuzi Weighs a Ton and Bullet in the Head.

I actually hate the idea of super-groups but I was powerless against this one.

The Forum was built in 1967. Four years after the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, Tn and eight years before my momma, who grew up in Jackson, TN, popped me out at the Methodist Hospital in mid-town Memphis. Fifteen years later I attended high school less than two blocks from where I was born.

I think that’s pretty cool even though I now live 1,775 miles away, in Los Angeles (County). I’ve been here since 2012. Before that I lived in Boston, Ma  and Chicago, Il.


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