Grizzlies lost again. That’s five in a row. The last three at home. Grizz co-captain, Mike Conley, is totally cool acknowledging the mystery surrounding these circumstances.

He says a lot with a little, so I decided to start a conversation with him in my head about  what he’s experiencing, the real challenges that lay ahead and this blog. I’ve transcribed it here.

BH: Hey Mike, how are you?

MC: Good, not good. You?

BH: Bad, not bad. Thanks for stopping by my new blog.

MC: No problem.

BH: Yeah man. I stopped using social media recently and started this blog.

MC: Oh? Word?

BH: Yeah, I was putting a lot into social media and not getting much back. Here, at least I know even if I’m not getting anything back, I’m putting in exactly what I want.

MC: (looking around) Nice.

BH: Thanks! I’m starting my second blog entry ever with your quote.

MC: I see that.

BH: I really like that quote. You know, you could try to tell me how ya’ll need to do this or need to do that, but you’re just so honest about it. You’re like “I’m here in a new place. I’m figuring it out as I go along.”

MC: That’s what it is.

BH: You know what? I’m feeling that. This blog is totally new territory for me and I actually want people to read it so I’m trying to figure out the look of it, switching themes and stuff, making sure to include photos and unique stuff in each post. Also, making sure I post consistently.

MC: Consistency is key.

BH: Unless you’re consistently losing, eh?



BH: So, what kind of questions are you asking yourself after a five game skid?

MC: You know, the basic stuff. What’s gone wrong? What can I do to right the ship?

BH: I’m asking myself stuff like that about this blog! What am I going to write? Who’s gonna read it?

MC: Cool. You should focus on the writing though. You can’t really control who’s gonna read it.

BH: You think?

MC: Yeah, man. Like we win games by playing good basketball and then folks buy tickets and come out and watch us.

BH: GOOD POINT. But ya’ll aren’t really playing good basketball right now and people are still coming out.

MC: Well, those are the die-hard fans. You probably don’t have many of those yet.

Photo on 3-12-17 at 3.33 PM #8

BH: Okay, consistency. What other cliches can you give me?

MC: Communicate.

BH: What else?

MC: Do your job.

BH: You sayin’ I’m not doing my job?

MC: No. I’m talking about my teammates and I.

BH: I thought I was your teammate.

MC: No, I mean my actual teammates. The ones I play basketball with on court every night.

BH: Oh. Those guys.


BH: What’s your favorite Band of Horses song?



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