By George Roupell, artist – Winterthur Museum, Wilmington, DE. 1760. Ink and wash drawing on paper, Public Domain,

How much money did Trump inherit? Reasonable estimates places the number somewhere between what Trump says, $1 million, and what his father’s fortune split evenly between his children would be, $40 million.


Money is not all he inherited though.

He is also the heir of an American ancestry that goes back hundreds of years.

The American ancestry I’m referring to is passed down by means other than DNA and is made up entirely of men.

Men who believe that they are the natural born rulers. They get the final world on who lives and who dies; who gets rich and who doesn’t; who is allowed to stay and who must go.

These men tell women and black folks when they can talk, where they can talk and what they can say.

These men invented politically correct speech.

These men invented the partisan political system, the biased media and the partial judicial system.

These men abandoned their wives to child rearing, thinking that they can earn enough money to excuse their absence.

These men lacked an appreciation for history.

These men misused and abused power for hundreds of years, destroying trust and alienating Americans.

Now, in 2017, these men are unhappy.

After 50 years of experiencing a small percentage of the unfair treatment others got from an unfair system they themselves created, they’re pissed.

Donald Trump is their champion.

Men like him got us into this shit and men like him are incapable of leading us out of it.



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