Sick, Dumb + Ugly?

I admit, in the last month, I’ve wondered about the name more than once. What exactly is the title of this blog referring to!?!? BETTA NOT BE ME.

Well, I am 42, unmarried and childless sooooooo….

No, no. It can’t be. I’m healthy, intelligent and attractive enough from most angles. And this lovely young lady is patiently waiting for me to put my shirt on and get down to business.


So, why “Sick, Dumb + Ugly”?

The trick to successfully navigating this world seems to be an ability to ‘flip it’.

We experience negativity. Lots of it. All of us. How do we put it to work for the betterment of us all?

At 4:42 Dr. Cornel West distinguishes between “having hope” and “being hope”. He mentions the now international Nina Simone protest anthem Mississippi Goddam as an example of being hope. It’s powerful stuff. And right where I want to be with this blog.

In other words, taking words, and experiences, and feelings that are generally considered bad… and flipping them into something good.

turn over or cause to turn over with a sudden sharp movement.

In order to flip something you gotta have some power over it. If it’s a burger on a grill, you’ll need an instrument to keep from getting burned. If it’s a bum house, you’ll need to own it. You can’t flip something, you can’t control. If you’ve convinced yourself something doesn’t exist, you can’t control that thing and there’s no hope of flipping it.

Let’s quickly flip these concepts.

Sick suggests health. Dumb suggests knowledge. Ugly suggests beauty.

So, here we are.

Hopefully I can put this concern about the title behind me and start printing up some t-shirts.


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