Last Friday night me and Rondo slept in an Airstream in Malibu.

It wasn’t Rick Rubin’s Airstream though.

In 2011, the over-paid Genius annotator Yeesuz crasher, bought Shangri-La studios in Malibu, CA.

The recording facilities include both state of the art and analog recording abilities with one of the recording studios located in an Airstream trailer with ocean view parked on the property.

via Your Mama Hears… | Variety

That’s right. There are two Airstreams in Malibu.

Unless they’re talking about this vehicle turned studio:


This isn’t an Airstream. It’s an old bus. Maybe one Bob Dylan and The Band toured in.

Anyway, Rick and I were just a few miles down the road from each other this past weekend. Despite the open invitation, I didn’t visit him. I was too busy catching up with my old friend, Tara. We wore pasta shirts in Glacier National Park together a buncha years ago, and we hadn’t seen each other recently.

Nobody filmed Tara and I’s conversation, but it went sort of like this. Only less boring.



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