I can talk about anything on this blog. Two days ago I had an imaginary conversation with the Memphis Grizzlies point guard. Last night I confessed I’m fascinated by macro lens’. Tonight I thought about talking about where I’m from. Or using a scene in the Mr. Robot pilot, which I watched tonight, to discuss “freedom”. 

Later for those.

Because even though I like to talk about new things, and I know I can talk about anything. Some nights you just need a little continuity. 

Everything I like about macro photography in nature is in play in my own house. It brings my attention to the details, things I may otherwise overlook, and puts me in a good headspace.

Without further ado, here’s my first ever macro series from inside the house. 

I have a problem though. I still don’t know how come macro photography looks at things up close, in detail; and macro economics looks at general trends, i.e. the big picture. 

I assume the artists have used the term incorrectly, because you know, artists.

Or maybe the word macro refers to the lens itself. Which means a macro lens allows you to see the subject in great detail even when very close. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could use macro economics the same way! 


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