I mentioned yesterday that my Mom passed away in 2005.

I’ve dreamed of her many times since then. I’ve talked to her over the phone. I’ve  protected her from danger.

The last dream I had about her was just over a year ago, during my “fast”.

In this dream I was alone, wandering through a sort of outdoor market. Kind of like the Common Ground Country Fair in Unity, Maine, but smaller, less… country.

I was walking down a row of vendor booths. At the end of the row, I saw I was at the top of a small hill. There was a crowd of people at the bottom of a hill.

My mom was in the crowd.

She was in her forties (she turned 40 in 1985) and not yet sick. 

She appeared greatly relieved though. As if she’d been in some kinda swamp, and just made it out.

So, I’m standing at the top of the hill, looking down at her as she greets and hugs many people, including her sister, my aunt Karen. She doesn’t see me watching her. She never stops smiling.

And then I woke up.

It was the first time I’d seen her smile since she died. That smile is still accessible to me today. And it can warm my heart just thinking about it.

I mention this today, because it’s Mother’s Day. I haven’t dreamed of her in over a year, but I hope wherever she is she’s still doing that thing I haven’t seen her do in so long.



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