The Trump administration will stay focused on economic growth and national security no matter the outcome of its climate change policy review, a U.S. official told delegates at a United Nations convention in Germany on Saturday.

“It is clear that the administration will not take actions that are contrary to the overarching focus of competitiveness and economic growth,” said Trigg Talley, a deputy special envoy for climate change at the State Department.

via U.S. economic growth and security outweigh climate policy review, envoy tells U.N. conference – LA Times

First priority. Make money.

Second priority. Protect Earth’s atmosphere.

This is how our current administration ranks its priorities.

No one is surprised.

Our current administration is made up of diehard capitalists.

Apparently you find LOTS of diehard capitalists at the bottom of the swamp after you drain it.

Die hard capitalists are focused on profit now.

Profit period.

Over, you know, our planet’s atmosphere.

This is what passes for common sense to many.

The many simple ones among us.

Wendell Berry ridiculously suggests this:

The answers will come not from walking up to your farm and saying this is what I want and this is what I expect from you. You walk up and you say what do you need. And you commit yourself to say all right, I’m not going to do any extensive damage here until I know what it is that you are asking of me.

via Wendell Berry, Poet & Prophet | Moyers & Company |

While Berry is talking to a cornstalk, these guys plow forward, full-steam ahead, telling themselves and the press that they’re doing no wrong.

They nobly risk damaging the planet on which we depend for the sake of the “economy”.

I drove into the San Bernidino mountains with my family yesterday. When we returned to the city, I joked that it was a relief to be around all these stoplights and grocery stores. All those lakes and mountains were making me uncomfortable. Maybe to some, that’s not a joke.

If $$$ were to disappear tomorrow, the mountains and the lakes would still be here. And we would need them healthy.

“In America, we don’t worship government,” Trump declared at one point. “We worship God.”

via Trump at Liberty University commencement: ‘In America, we don’t worship government; we worship God’ – The Washington Post

And here is where the two Republican voting blocks apparently overlap. Conservative Christian’s want government out of their life so they can outlaw abortions and say the Lord’s Prayer in school. Capitalists want government out of their life so they can accrue as much wealth as possible without worrying about regulation or oversight. Conservative Christians will happily hand over the keys for our emasculated government to a diehard Capitalist as long as they can prevent women from choosing whether or not to have a child.

Diehard capitalists, in my humble opinion, cannot be good Christians. They rely on conflicting value sets to inform their decisions.

I was raised with no religious instruction. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

But I’m not a religion hater. I’m not an atheist. And I’m not apathetic towards the existence of God. I actively seek signs of the presence of a God like being.

I believe it’s just as probable that an omnipotent God created the universe as a Big Bang. For either one  to trigger the creation of this apparently unique planet in this apparently unique universe  is so improbable as to verge on the impossible. And from my perspective, either is a miracle.

I have no problem with Christianity.

I respect and admire the essential spiritual tenets of the religion.

I also respect and admire many Christians.

How can you live by the value set that Christianity promotes and cast a vote for a man who has advocated sexual assault. Locker room talk? So, if it was locker room talk and your teenage boy says it when he gets home do you reward him with a trip to his favorite restaurant?

I know I’m a little late here, but anyone who voted for Donald Trump because of religious conviction is delusional. Delusional. With a capital “D”.

He says what they want him to say, because he’s willing to say anything. To be liked… to get attention… to get paid. And because of this, he’s God’s chosen candidate? So this is their understanding of how God speaks in this world? Depressing. Sad.

I reject their interpretation of God.

And this Faustian bargain exposes the ethical vacuum that religious Americans who voted for Trump are living in.

In the next decade a porn star will make a legit run for public office and these Christians will have given away so much of their ethical grounding that they will be able to do nothing to stop it.

Congresswoman Khalifa, perhaps?



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