I’ve never done a fictionalized podcast before, but I’ve got a film script that’s sitting here waiting for its shot and I’m starting to think that shot might be in radio instead of film.

The script itself is inspired by a Sara Teasdale poem.

Old Love and New
By Sara Teasdale

In my heart the old love
Struggled with the new,
It was ghostly waking
All night through.

Dear things, kind things
That my old love said,
Ranged themselves reproachfully
Round my bed.

But I could not heed them,
For I seemed to see
Dark eyes of my new love
Fixed on me.

Old love, old love,
How can I be true?
Shall I be faithless to myself
Or to you?

via Poetry Magazine

Normally not a fan of rhyming poetry, this one got inside me the first time I read it. The dark eyes of her new love, the multiple layers of meaning in the final stanza and the unresolved question.

My script begins a year after a young woman has disappeared while vacationing in Big Sur with her boyfriend. The mystery of her disappearance is still unsolved, and her boyfriend has returned to his now numbing, monotonous life on the East Coast.

A mid-western “investigative blogger” googles unsolved disappearances and finds her story. He begins to investigate. Through social media sites and online accounts he gets to know her, and unexpectedly falls in love with her.

He suspects her boyfriend, and doesn’t trust him. Her boyfriend suspects he wants attention for his blog, and is not sure he can trust him.

The conflict between the two men persists, and soon her boyfriend begins to see his disappeared girlfriend. First in television footage from recent disasters, of the natural and unnatural variety, happening around the world.

Like I said, I’ve never produced a podcast and audio recording/engineering has never been my strong suit. If you happen to be a radio producer and this premise interests you, please contact me!


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