Today, I went walking. It was cool. There was cloud cover. A good bit of it. The quarry conveyor belt was especially loud.


According to a informational display at the head of the now closed, nearby Fish Canyon Trail, rocks from this very quarry helped to build Highway 101 and the Hollywood Bowl.

I live off the 210, half a mile from the San Gabriel River, and roughly 20 miles from the river’s starting point in the shadow of Mt. San Antonio.
Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 1.24.31 AM

The river has been mostly dry since I moved here 3+ years ago. Then, last winter, all of a sudden it looked like this.


These days it’s back to normal.


There’s a bike trail next to the river.


Mostly I walk the bike trail. With my dog. Or my girlfriend. Or my Meemaw. Or my dad. Or my sister and uncle. Or my step-mother. Or alone. To think.


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