I lost my sunglasses in Las Vegas, so I bought a new pair. They were $3.75 + tax. The plastic bar that goes over your ear has a wood grain Italian disign.

I’m a big fan of Italian disigners, and Las Vegas is full of them.

French disginers are overly grande for my taste, but Vegas has them too.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be Las Vegas without American disigns as well. 

Las Vegas has it all.

That’s why it’s no surprise to see a quote from Rumi, the 13th Century Sufi Mystic, on a future storefront.
I’ve forgotten the quote, but the question of what Rumi has to do with all of this is still on my mind.

I think of mystics as individuals who worship the unseen.

As one of my travelling companions rightly pointed out, Vegas is the place for all that can’t be unseen.

So, what is Rumi doing in Vegas?

Vegas tosses everything at you, trusting that you will see something you like and say yes to it.

The unseen is a part of everything. Even Vegas.

I was not confident enough, or patient enough, this trip to access it.

But I’m wondering what mystical experience there is to be had in Vegas. Maybe if I had honored my friend’s request, and shown some love to the golden Buddhist elephant shrine on the strip, or called my  Meemaw, Our Matron Saint of Las Vegas, and asked for her blessing before putting any money down, I would have a better idea.

Ultimately I didn’t do either of these things. I lost $29 and a pair of sunglasses. I went small and went, in the back seat of a rented SUV, with my Italian disgner sunglasses, home.


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