Maybe, better.

I keep a folder on my laptop called #MISC. There are 1,522 items in this folder. Some of them date back to 2013. I’m talking drafts of unsent emails, payment confirmations, pdf manuals, untitled documents containing random thoughts, folders that contain more documents. It’s got everything.

Would my life be any worse off, if I just deleted it? I have no idea. Maybe there’s something in there I’ll need one day. Maybe the seed of an idea that will turn into a great screenplay, or a proof of payment that will save me $1000. Like, I said. I have no idea.

Every once in a while, I’ll go into it and find a random document. Here’s a bit of one from September 11, 2013.

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 11.57.15 AM

When I wrote this, I was living in my cousin’s one room guest house in Granada Hills, driving into the city three or four times a week in search of job opportunities.

Less than a month later, I met my girlfriend, who I now live with, and moved from suburban Granada Hills to urban Koreatown. I’m pretty sure I also forgot I ever wrote these words.

Now, almost four years later, I’ve rediscovered them. And they give me the feels. During that time, I’ve worked with people who inspire me, I’ve met new creative folks I look forward to collaborating with and I have built a life in Southern California with my lovely, smart, adventurous, silly girlfriend, Lining.

The tough times have been of my own making, and the good times are more of a gift than I could ask for.

And if these words are any indication, I think that the next six months are gonna be as good as the last six months. Maybe, better.

Also, I’m keeping that #MISC folder.




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