I released the first episode of a web series last Wednesday. There. I said it. Web. Series. That’s what Howard & Todd is until The CW picks it up.

Until then, it’s up to me and a few friends to get it in front of people.

There’s people in the world who do this— get things in front of people. I’m not one of them. I don’t know any of them.

And it’s stressful. It’s stressful because a thing is out there in the world now and it’s success or failure in part depends on me. Now, we could have a long talk about success and failure here, but let’s go with some working definitions.

If it feels shitty, it’s failure. If it feels good, it’s success.

I know. Sometimes you have to feel shitty to feel good, and it’s all part of the process. Success never feels shitty though. (Unless it’s on the backs of the working class. And that’s another entry.)

When a thing is out in the world that you’re responsible for, a lot goes into how you feel about it. My parents know what I’m talking about, right???

There’s direct feedback, like what people tell you about the thing you’re responsible for. There’s indirect feedback- the stuff you interpolate from people’s behavior, or things you hear about second hand. There’s engagement, when you watch someone interact with that thing. And there’s metrics— the numbers that represent all of this information in it’s simplest form.

One person can have a lot of one, none of the other and still feel good. IN THAT SAME SITUATION, a different person can feel horrible.

I’m not going to start typing about the 7 (6?) languages of love here, but being responsible for something in the world that can fail or succeed is a very personal thing. And even if you’re thing was a collaborative effort, each individual involved will have to go through his or her own process.



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