Wandering, Past, Pages

This morning I gave myself a task: to write something creative or useful. These two hand-written pages, one iPhone note, the YouTube video and a page written on a typewriter are the result. ๐Ÿ˜‚

And there is still more to say. We can create meaning in our modern lives. We must. As I wrote above, many of us no longer need to worry about our needs, so desire become the thing that drives us. Desire for recognition. Desire for money. Desire for Gus’ Fried Chicken. In doing so we help to build a society that becomes increasingly focused on fulfilling desires. However, it ย appears that simply fulfilling desires becomes unfulfilling for u at some point. Especially in a society where some folks are still in need. So we go in search of meaning. We find someone to help. Someone who either can’t meet his or her own needs, or because of a lack of meaning in life, doesn’t want to. The idea, I guess, being that once all their needs are met, they’ll be happy. But are we? Or do we depend on memberS of society who can’t meet their basic needs to give our lives meaning? Babies are another example of this. Babies can’t meet their needs without us. They give our life meaning, we give them what they need. If they don’t need anything, we have to look for meaning somewhere else. Or we just give into our desires and let them carry us away. And perhaps if that story is told, those who remain can find some meaning in it.



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