Morning, Afternoon, Night

I’ve spent my life searching for a daily schedule that works for me. A time to go to bed. A time to wake up. A time to write. A time to exercise. Sunday night movies. Sunday morning hikes. Never works. Well, maybe for a week. A month sometimes.

What does Oprah say? How long does it take to make something a habit? More than a week that’s for goddamned sure.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 11.13.04 PM.pngThis is a schedule of mine from last year. Note the prose-y, horribly detailed nature of it. I have no idea what the yellow and green highlighting mean.

There are gaping holes in some of the days.

I visited the Mission at San Juan Capistrano a while back. There’s an exhibit placard that outlines the daily schedule of a Padre at the Mission when it was still operating. I took a picture of it, and later transcribed it.

A Padres’ Daily Schedule

2:00AM Early morning prayers called Matins
5:00AM Wake up, pray, and prepare for morning mass
7:00AM Conduct morning mass and religious class for Native Americans
8:30AM Breakfast
9:00AM Ring bell for community work to begin. Padres begin work either teaching, supervising, or caring for the sick
12:00PM Ring bell for lunch
12:30PM Mid-day prayer followed by a break called a Siesta
2:00PM Ring bell for lunch
3:00PM Short break to pray
5:00PM Ring bell for community work to end
5:30PM Conduct evening mass and lessons for Native Americans
7:00PM Dinner and short Siesta
7:30PM Office work updating ledgers
9:00PM Prayers and sleep

This a beautiful thing. I would love to have something similar that worked for me on the regular. I’m too rebellious of spirit though, or easily distracted, to follow such a detailed regimen. I need my days to surprise me.

Is it possible to have a daily schedule where every thing fits into place, and every thing is a good thing, and still leave the door open to surprises? Or am I just romanticizing daily schedules?

Perhaps, just starting small and consciously including something healthy in my day, every day? Could that be enough to satisfy this urge?

A week like this is a good one, because I have no shoots. I can begin establishing a routine. Next week I have three shoots. It’s going to be hard to hold onto whatever routine I set. But I can’t worry about that now. I can only begin. And once I’ve begun, I can carry on.


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