So, North Korea.

How did we get here? How did this problem develop?

The correct answer is, “What problem?”

There is no North Korea problem. Again, North Korea is a sovereign nation that has its own way of doing things. Just like America.

US President Trump told UN representatives North Korea was a global problem they had to work together to solve

via North Korea military spending: Country spends 22 per cent of GDP, Amnesty report


North Korea is slightly larger than Tennessee. Despite they’re small size, they have not overstepped their borders in my lifetime.

Oh, and did I mention our military budget is 170 times larger than North Korea’s?

Our President spent his a lot of time painting China as the economic boogie man during his campaign. Now that he’s in office, he knows he can’t paint China as the enemy. But how to bring them back into his narrative?

About this time news of North Korea’s nuclear development program begins appearing more often in the media. (Whatever that is.)

It’s called a pivot. Trump uses a manufactured North Korea “problem” to open the door to work more closely with China.

North Korea doesn’t like being used as a pawn in Trump’s game though. So they test a few missiles.

And suddenly we’re all “fire and brimstone” and America is “locked and loaded.” What?!?

Now, the good work Trump did to bring China back into his narrative is beginning to crumble as he puffs his chest out.

The guy is without a doubt one of the worst President’s we’ve ever had. It doesn’t mean he can’t learn to do some things better, or that good things can’t come out of his tenure. If you’re going to talk tough though, at some point you have to back it up. And why talk tough? What is the advantage? Because Americans are in danger? No, because in this case it is the tough talk that is actually putting Americans in danger. If Trump decides to back his talk up, and this manufactured crisis elevates to the point of actual crisis it is squarely on the shoulders of our President.

And this is not just about our President. This is about us. It’s about our political IQ as a nation of citizens. If we continue to remain oblivious to the maneuverings of our leaders then we will continue to be manipulated by them.





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