Morning, Afternoon, Night

I've spent my life searching for a daily schedule that works for me. A time to go to bed. A time to wake up. A time to write. A time to exercise. Sunday night movies. Sunday morning hikes. Never works. Well, maybe for a week. A month sometimes. What does Oprah say? How long does... Continue Reading →

Save, World

I flew non-stop from New York City to Los Angeles a couple of days ago. I had one seat next to me and it was occupied by a 24 year-old from New York, who had been living in California for 10 years. He had an arm sleeve tattoo. He was attractive, dressed in comfortable sweats.... Continue Reading →

Driving on an interstate should feel like this. Not like this. Or this. I drive this 196 miles round-trip from Los Angeles to San Diego at least once a month. At 70 mph, it should take less than 3 hours. It always takes 5+. I've made the trip twenty or thirty times now. I love... Continue Reading →

All due respect to Americans who fought and died for it but I really don't know what freedom is. Even when I speak of obtaining it, I don't know what it is. So of what value is my battle cry? Well, you might say - "You know what it is." Or - "You know what... Continue Reading →

I mentioned yesterday that my Mom passed away in 2005. I've dreamed of her many times since then. I've talked to her over the phone. I've  protected her from danger. The last dream I had about her was just over a year ago, during my "fast". In this dream I was alone, wandering through a... Continue Reading →

Apparently every screenwriter who lives in Los Angeles must have a spec script for a popular television show in his portfolio. I have a couple of attempts, but no script. I took a crack at a Girls spec a couple of years ago. I know it's very popular right now to hate on Lena Dunham,... Continue Reading →

BJH: Hi, Imaginary Mike Conley. Been a few weeks. How are you? IMC: Yeah, buddy! Been getting ready for the playoffs. I'm good. BJH: Yeah. ::Silence.:: IMC: Already? BJH: What? IMC: Awkward silence? So early in the conversation? BJH: It's just... well, nevermind. IMC: Talk to me. BJH: Yeah. I shouldn't. It's... like, this is... Continue Reading →

Additional thoughts on the unpleasant question I posed in this weeks Wednesdays with Wendell: How do we make death an integral part of our definition of health, which we refer to daily, without becoming morbid? It occurs to me that the way I asked the question itself suggests an answer. Why do we have to... Continue Reading →

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