Ambivalence is not apathy. It does not arise from a lack of information. Ambivalence arrives with too much information. Too many feels. Ambivalence is not the same as indifference, with which it is often confused. Someone in an ambivalent state of mind is experiencing an excess of opinion, not an absence of it. An ambivalent […]

I don’t trust people who constantly need to be reassured. I don’t trust people who express never express selfish views. I don’t trust people who can’t just “yes” or “no”. I don’t trust people who are blue. I don’t trust people who’ve been to the moon. I don’t trust you. Yesterday I wrote about preparing […]

Wandering, Past, Pages

This morning I gave myself a task: to write something creative or useful. These two hand-written pages, one iPhone note, the YouTube video and a page written on a typewriter are the result. 😂 And there is still more to say. We can create meaning in our modern lives. We must. As I wrote above, […]

Maybe, better.

I keep a folder on my laptop called #MISC. There are 1,522 items in this folder. Some of them date back to 2013. I’m talking drafts of unsent emails, payment confirmations, pdf manuals, untitled documents containing random thoughts, folders that contain more documents. It’s got everything. Would my life be any worse off, if I […]

I lost my sunglasses in Las Vegas, so I bought a new pair. They were $3.75 + tax. The plastic bar that goes over your ear has a wood grain Italian disign. I’m a big fan of Italian disigners, and Las Vegas is full of them. French disginers are overly grande for my taste, but […]

Today, I went walking. It was cool. There was cloud cover. A good bit of it. The quarry conveyor belt was especially loud. According to a informational display at the head of the now closed, nearby Fish Canyon Trail, rocks from this very quarry helped to build Highway 101 and the Hollywood Bowl. I live […]

The Trump administration will stay focused on economic growth and national security no matter the outcome of its climate change policy review, a U.S. official told delegates at a United Nations convention in Germany on Saturday. “It is clear that the administration will not take actions that are contrary to the overarching focus of competitiveness […]