As I struggle to squeeze out the words for #WednesdaywithWendell before it becomes #ThursdaywithWendell (update: too late), I check this quote from his essay “People, Land and Community”: “Correct discipline cannot be hurried, for it is both the knowledge of what ought to be done, and the willingness to do it — all of it,... Continue Reading →

Dear Mr. Berry, I wanna thank you. I wanna thank you for turning your back on NYU and the New York literati so many years ago and returning to your Kentucky farm. I'm sure, if you had stayed, you would have been a prestigious New York City author and professor. Your experiences would have been... Continue Reading →

Almost. Saw. The fishbowl. That thing giving my world shape and form. That thing I’m living in, but unaware of. •• If you think relating to a refugee from Syria is hard, you should try relating to these guys. Life may exist, and even flourish, at near boiling point temperatures without the help of the... Continue Reading →

Wendell Berry writes: Any definition of health that is not silly must include death. Wonder if all our obsessions – tech, selfies, achievement – are just us distracting ourselves from what's sure to come? Invariably when I bring this idea up, people react against it. Understandably so. It dismisses everything that we concern ourselves with... Continue Reading →

If the body is a machine, then its diseases can be healed by a sort of mechanical tinkering, without reference to anything outside the body itself. Wendell Berry If you think the body is like a machine, you're right. If you think the body is not like a machine, you're right. Like Berry says in... Continue Reading →

Every Wednesday I spend a little time with Wendell Berry, utilitarian writer and Kentucky farmer. I read him, watch him, and maybe post a thought or two about him. Not because I believe I have something terribly insightful to add, but because I imagine my thoughts bring me closer into communion with his. Today I... Continue Reading →

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