Day Five

Although it takes a bit of adjustment, I grow comfortable doing nothing. Our host makes us breakfast in the morning, and gives us a tour of his land. In the afternoon we take a dip in the lake, discussing baseball and Barack Obama on our floaties. In the evening our host’s grandfather pulls up on […]

Why do we even fuck with systems? Systems will not save us. I’ve used many systems to organize my days. For a freelancer, this is key. The ability to organize work days. I’ve tried simple systems, like creating a 10 item to-do list and using to select a number. I’ve tried complicated ones with […]

I’m currently reading The Silver Lining: The Benefits of Natural Disasters. The title is self-explanatory. The author, Seth R. Reices, wants us to look at “natural disasters” less as disasters and more as necessary disturbances that are, in many cases, helpful. He uses examples like the great Yellowstone fire of 1988 and the fires that […]

I don’t trust people who constantly need to be reassured. I don’t trust people who express never express selfish views. I don’t trust people who can’t just “yes” or “no”. I don’t trust people who are blue. I don’t trust people who’ve been to the moon. I don’t trust you. Yesterday I wrote about preparing […]

Oh. It’s Sunday! How do I feel about Sundays? They are without a doubt my favorite day of the week. What do I like about them? On a normal week, Sunday is my only “day off”. I’m a freelance maker of films. I often set my own schedule. And protect my Sundays. Sundays are like […]

So, North Korea. How did we get here? How did this problem develop? The correct answer is, “What problem?” There is no North Korea problem. Again, North Korea is a sovereign nation that has its own way of doing things. Just like America. US President Trump told UN representatives North Korea was a global problem […]

I recently completed a first draft of a half-hour pilot script. I immediately sent it out to two friends. I rarely share first drafts so quickly, if at all. Normally when I complete a draft, I table it with intentions to come back and read it in a week or two. During that time my […]