Oh. It’s Sunday! How do I feel about Sundays? They are without a doubt my favorite day of the week. What do I like about them? On a normal week, Sunday is my only “day off”. I’m a freelance maker of films. I often set my own schedule. And protect my Sundays. Sundays are like […]

So, North Korea. How did we get here? How did this problem develop? The correct answer is, “What problem?” There is no North Korea problem. Again, North Korea is a sovereign nation that has its own way of doing things. Just like America. US President Trump told UN representatives North Korea was a global problem […]

I recently completed a first draft of a half-hour pilot script. I immediately sent it out to two friends. I rarely share first drafts so quickly, if at all. Normally when I complete a draft, I table it with intentions to come back and read it in a week or two. During that time my […]

Losers, Winners, Chicken Dinners

Wendell Berry’s insights on competition are good. Early in his essay “Land and Pleasure” he points out the ineffectiveness of economic and competitive idealism. As I read on, questions arise to guide me when trying to determine what sort of competition is healthy and what sort is destructive: Can the participants trust the body that […]

Morning, Afternoon, Night

I’ve spent my life searching for a daily schedule that works for me. A time to go to bed. A time to wake up. A time to write. A time to exercise. Sunday night movies. Sunday morning hikes. Never works. Well, maybe for a week. A month sometimes. What does Oprah say? How long does […]

Wandering, Past, Pages

This morning I gave myself a task: to write something creative or useful. These two hand-written pages, one iPhone note, the YouTube video and a page written on a typewriter are the result. 😂 And there is still more to say. We can create meaning in our modern lives. We must. As I wrote above, […]

One of my oldest friends lives in Los Angeles and we never see each other. Here we are on the same soccer team in elementary school. I’m number 10. He’s just to my left. My friend and I grew up together in Memphis, TN. We played on the same sports teams, went to the same […]