I can talk about anything on this blog. Two days ago I had an imaginary conversation with the Memphis Grizzlies point guard. Last night I confessed I'm fascinated by macro lens'. Tonight I thought about talking about where I'm from. Or using a scene in the Mr. Robot pilot, which I watched tonight, to discuss... Continue Reading →

  Macro photos are kinda like dreams. Fascinating to the person who has them, but often contextless and of little interest to others. No matter. Using a macro lens on my iPhone to take pictures of small things tends to put me in a right headspace.  Because I think a 2-D rendering of a world... Continue Reading →

BJH: Hi, Imaginary Mike Conley. Been a few weeks. How are you? IMC: Yeah, buddy! Been getting ready for the playoffs. I'm good. BJH: Yeah. ::Silence.:: IMC: Already? BJH: What? IMC: Awkward silence? So early in the conversation? BJH: It's just... well, nevermind. IMC: Talk to me. BJH: Yeah. I shouldn't. It's... like, this is... Continue Reading →

Almost. Saw. The fishbowl. That thing giving my world shape and form. That thing I’m living in, but unaware of. •• If you think relating to a refugee from Syria is hard, you should try relating to these guys. Life may exist, and even flourish, at near boiling point temperatures without the help of the... Continue Reading →

Last Friday night me and Rondo slept in an Airstream in Malibu. It wasn’t Rick Rubin’s Airstream though. In 2011, the over-paid Genius annotator Yeesuz crasher, bought Shangri-La studios in Malibu, CA. The recording facilities include both state of the art and analog recording abilities with one of the recording studios located in an Airstream... Continue Reading →

Sick, Dumb + Ugly? I admit, in the last month, I’ve wondered about the name more than once. What exactly is the title of this blog referring to!?!? BETTA NOT BE ME. Well, I am 42, unmarried and childless sooooooo…. No, no. It can't be. I'm healthy, intelligent and attractive enough from most angles. And... Continue Reading →

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Additional thoughts on the unpleasant question I posed in this weeks Wednesdays with Wendell: How do we make death an integral part of our definition of health, which we refer to daily, without becoming morbid? It occurs to me that the way I asked the question itself suggests an answer. Why do we have to... Continue Reading →

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