"By then, he'd come a long way down the road." That's Wendell Berry, writing about the protagonist of his short story Making It Home. As I told you last week, I've never read any of Wendell Berry's fiction. I plan to change that, at some point. Until then I have Berry reading his own short... Continue Reading →

Today, I went walking. It was cool. There was cloud cover. A good bit of it. The quarry conveyor belt was especially loud. According to a informational display at the head of the now closed, nearby Fish Canyon Trail, rocks from this very quarry helped to build Highway 101 and the Hollywood Bowl. I live... Continue Reading →

The two year anniversary of moving to The Duarte is almost upon me. Here is a description of The Duarte from the Duarte Chamber of Commerce: The City of Duarte is a small progressive community located at the base of the picturesque San Gabriel Mountains, approximately 21 miles northeast of Los Angeles. At 6.8 square... Continue Reading →

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