I mentioned yesterday that my Mom passed away in 2005. I've dreamed of her many times since then. I've talked to her over the phone. I've  protected her from danger. The last dream I had about her was just over a year ago, during my "fast". In this dream I was alone, wandering through a... Continue Reading →

I’m getting ready to break my 11th annual “fast” tomorrow. Every year from April 22nd to Mother’s Day, I say: NO MEAT NO DAIRY NO ALCOHOL NO CAFFEINE NO ADDED SUGARS Every year is different. I’m in a different place or my body responds differently. Some years it doesn’t appear to respond at all. Other... Continue Reading →

Wendell Berry writes: Any definition of health that is not silly must include death. Wonder if all our obsessions – tech, selfies, achievement – are just us distracting ourselves from what's sure to come? Invariably when I bring this idea up, people react against it. Understandably so. It dismisses everything that we concern ourselves with... Continue Reading →

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