When faced with ultimate defeat, we find the strength to carry on by reminding ourselves of the people, places and activities that make life worth living. It's a tried and true means to survive in literature and cinema. What happens though when that  list can't balance out the scales of the forces arrayed against an... Continue Reading →

"The fault, dear reader, lies not simply in our reality TV star turned president, who is as much a symptom as a cause, but in ourselves for allowing our shared values to be overrun by the marketplace. When did business, with its narrow scope of profit and loss, win the battle of ideas in our... Continue Reading →

Today I drove into Los Angeles to meet one uh my oldest Los Angeles friend at the Golden Road brewery. She was celebrating her birthday with friends and family. I hadn't seen her since her last birthday. We didn't get much of a chance to catch up in the group setting, but I enjoyed myself.... Continue Reading →

I suck and I'm not alone. You probably suck too. Most of us do. The guy on the left died for us because we're all sinners, i.e. we all suck. Modern art also agrees. So, I'm not saying anything Jesus or modern art hasn't already said. I'm certainly no wiser than either. ••• A lot... Continue Reading →

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